Car Tyre Replacement 101

According to research, over 160 road deaths in the UK have been attributed to under inflated car tyres in the past 5 years. With statistics like this, tyre manufacturers and the automotive industry in general is working hard to educate the public about the importance of replacing car tyres. Take a look at what you need to know about car tyre replacement if you think your tyres need to be replaced:

• Take care of your wheels: When a tyre is being replaced, it is important for the wheels to be balanced when this is going to take place. Sometimes, it is easy to forget that wheels need just as much TLC as the tyre itself because they complete the full package. Ensure that the wheels are in tip top shape by having them balanced regularly especially for tyre replacement.

• Monitor tread depth: This is a tell-tale sign whether your car tyres should be replaced or not. You should make sure that you look at them frequently to ensure that traction is strong because the tread depth is also a sign about the strength of the tyre itself. If you think that your tyres don’t pass the tread depth test, consider replacing them immediately. You can measure depth by using a tread depth indicator. UK laws stipulate that the minimum tread allowed on tyres is 1.6 millimetres.

• Look at tyre pressure: Handling is all about control especially when it comes to your car tyres. You should keep an eye on the tyre pressure because this helps to keep your car safe while you are on the road.

• Know the shelf life of your tyres: Experts recommend that drivers replace their tyres every six years with a maximum of 10 years to use any set of tyres. Always consider your manufacturer’s tips on the shelf life of your tyres when making decisions about them.

Replacing your car tyres will improve your experience of driving your car whether you use it as a daily driver or for recreation.

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