Bling Up Your BMW Alloys with a Diamond Alloys Refurbishment

bmw-z4-diamond-alloys-refurbishmentTake a look at customer Alan Ayoub’s BMW. His car arrived to us with alloys wheels that looked in serious disrepair. Very bad scuffs around the side of the alloys, as well as bad corrosion on the centre and the back of the alloys gave the impression that the rims were beyond repair and our customer might have to spend a lot of money buying new alloys.

However, the guys at Diamond Alloys are well used to seeing rims in this condition and know exactly how to restore them back to a beautiful finish. The rims were fully stripped back to remove any corrosion before being carefully prepped by our guys in our workshop. A powder coat was applied for a smooth finish before the final colour and protective lacquer layer was applied. The result is stunning and fitting for this impressive supercar.


If you think your alloy wheels are beyond repair don’t worry, send us a picture and we will give you a quick quote and even a discount when you book all 4 wheels in at the same time. Call us on 0845 370 8881 or email us today!

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