How to Avoid Wheel Corrosion

One of the biggest dangers to your alloys is actually ever-present on the car. Brake dust, which is fragments of brake pad that are detached by abrasion, is largely made up of iron particles that, when heated, can embed themselves in the wheel paint and lead to contact corrosion. The longer it’s attached the more damage it does, so quick action and constant maintenance are key. Here’s a quick guide to ensuring your alloys are dust-free.

How to clean your wheels
You need to clean your alloys weekly for best results. Start off by rinsing the wheels with water, before moving on to more specialist steps. Your next move is to spray the wheels with an acid-free rim cleaner, leave this for a few minutes and then clean the area with a sponge.  Wash off the residue with water, and dry the wheels with chamois leather. Remember to only use soft fabrics and sponges to avoid scratching your wheels – there’s no point going to all this trouble just to damage your alloys in a different way!

General care tips

  • Only use standard polishes on light alloy wheels with a glossy finish
  • Never use polish on light alloy wheels with a matt finish
  • Never use chrome polish or cleaners
  • Seal your rims with liquid wax after washing
  • Deal with damage as soon as it happens
  • If you’re uncertain about how to repair damage, don’t attempt it by yourself. Call experts such as Diamond Alloys on 0845 370 8881, who will be able to provide advice and assistance to get your alloys sparkling like new.

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