Audi A1 Gets a New Look with a Stunning Black Gloss Refurbishment

audi-a1-before-alloy-wheelYou don’t have to wait for your alloy wheels to be scuffed or damaged to get a refurbishment carried out. Many of our customers simply want to spruce up their car by applying a new paint colour to the alloys, which is a relatively cheap way of changing the appearance of your car.

Take a look at these wheels which came into Diamond Alloys via one of our big trade accounts. Their customer simply wanted to change the whole look of their vehicle and had decided that going for gloss black was the best way to achieve this. By outsourcing the job to a specialist alloy wheel repair company like Diamond Alloys meant that not only could a great finish be achieved, but also a speedy service, which is why so many body shop repair centres and garages use our services.

audi-a1-after-alloy-wheelThe process started with our guys stripping the wheel back to the aluminium base. As the car was virtually brand new there was not a great deal of damage so our prep guys only had to repair minor damage before the wheels were primed.

For a smooth surface we always powder coat the alloys before adding a final lacquered layer which gave the wheels a fantastic painted gloss black finish.

Our client Grimshaws told us their customer was very happy and the finish exceeded their expectations, which is always satisfying to hear.




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