Are your wheels’ aligned properly?

DSC_6078Wheel alignment is not probably one of the first things that you will want to think about when it comes to servicing your car. However, wheel alignment affects your ability to enjoy driving to the max as you will have to concentrate on adjusting to the pull. If your wheels have not been aligned recently, you can expect the car might not move in a straight line and it pulls you to the side.

If you notice your car does not move in a straight line it can be a bit scary but don’t panic as it is most likely something simple like wheel alignment or too much or too little air pressure. The old-fashioned method of ‘tracking’ where only the front two wheels are aligned was fine before technology advanced, but today you need to have your wheel alignment done properly and professionally.

Four wheel alignment is miles better than tracking because the former type of alignment takes into consideration the changes in how steering and suspension work in modern cars. Four wheel alignment will look at least 12 angles and contrast them with information from the manufacturer of the car. Adjustments are then made to ensure that the wheels are in the same position compared to when they left the factory. Wheel alignment is critical if you want optimal performance while driving your car.


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