Are bigger wheels going to be better for your car?

Bigger wheels are definitely on the rise as they are hugging the body frames of many cars from your classic saloons to luxury performance car models such as the Aventador. Let’s look at whether these wheels will be better for your car in the long run.

Bigger wheels look fantastic
One reason why bigger wheels have been chosen by many drivers is because of the style accent that it gives the exterior. They capture attention of anyone who sees the car going down the road in addition to any extra details such as rims standing out as well.

Wheels should be in proportion to your car

Despite the craze towards big wheels at the moment, the standard option for a good driving experience is to have wheels that are in proportion to the size of the car that you own. While it might be tempting, wheels that actually fit your car is the better option whether you are driving a Ford or a Ferrari. The thing you also need to know about larger wheels is they are heavier and this will lead your car to be slower – this isn’t ideal if you have a sports car or you like the sporty cars.

Lightweight wheels are ideal
In order to keep performance razor-sharp, it’s important to look for wheels or alloys that will enhance performance, not drag it down. This is something bigger wheels are guilty of because of their heavier weight. When a wheel is rotating, it should be going at the same speed. If the wheel is heavier, then it can be harder to have control of. Lightweight wheels do not have this problem at all. Lightweight wheels are easier to steer because the weight is shaved off them.

Low profile tyres are best
Low tyre sidewalls help to keep the tyre’s tread flat on the ground which is better for performance. Bigger wheels are more trouble because they can’t stay as flat on the ground as low profile tyres can. Forged low profile tyres supercharge performance because they are lighter off the ground.

Forging wheels help the car be more lightweight
Alloy wheels which are forged are ideal because they have more strength and they can resist the elements and effects better such as cracking and bending. Wheel manufacturers know that forging wheels is a process that can be expensive despite its benefits which is why cast centres are paired with forged barrels in the ‘spinning process’.

Ultimately, replacing your standard wheels with lightweight alloy wheels which are not as big or bulky enhances your car in a way that bigger wheels can’t do. It does this by considerably improving how the tyres interact with the road and the driving performance. Improved performance is a top priority for automotive enthusiasts who want the best in performance for driving.

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