Alloys with an edge – how our rim band service can help your wheels

standard-alloy-wheel-rim-bandsModern alloy wheels might look great, but they do come with some challenges. For example, because they’re bigger than ever, alloy wheels are more and more prone to damage sustained by hitting kerbs or going over potholes.

The solution to this problem is rim bands, a simple stretchy band of high strength, tear resistant silicone rubber. Available in nine attractive colours: yellow, silver, white, red, pink, orange, lime, black and blue, these bands not only protect your alloys but also add an extra splash of style to your wheels. You could, for example, choose a colour that matches your car’s body paint.

The rim bands work by fitting snugly around the wheel: to ensure a perfect fit they have a large tail section that fits into the wheel’s barrel, which guarantees they attain exactly the right level of stretch. This tight seal ensures that there’s no risk of air loss. In addition, they have five gripping ribs which stop them from slipping off the wheel while the car is in motion.

These rims not only protect your alloys from bumps and scratches, but are also do no damage to the wheel they reside on thanks to their material composition. The bands are great value too: they’re very durable thanks to a special coating of Flurobond sealant, which protects the rubber from brake dust.


These brilliant bands are available for 15-22 inch wheels, and can be supplied and fitted by any wheel and tyre specialist. We fit rim bands (£50 for four) for free during any refurbishment, or charge just £15 for a separate fitting. To enquire about this service, which takes just 24 hours, please contact us today.

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