Acid Dip Alloy Wheels Removes Corrosion

At Diamond Alloys we believe in offering our trade and retail customers a superb finish. Achieving a good finish can depend a lot on the preparation of the wheel before it is painted. Many wheels come to our London Alloy Wheel refurbishment centre with a lot of corrosion which is caused by water and especially saltwater attacking the alloy when the protective lacquer layer is damaged from kerbing or chips.

These pictures indicate what alloy wheel corrosion looks like, which can become quite advanced if not addressed quickly and will most likely contribute to air loss on your tyres. However, you don’t have to outlay a huge amount of cash on purchasing new alloy wheels. Although this damage looks bad it can be easily removed simply by placing in an acid dip bath. The alloy will have to remain in acid for a period of time, depending on how excessive it is, and our trained technicians will be able to evaluate this. Acid is dangerous so we do recommend you let experts like ours carry out this task.

Once the corrosion has been removed from your alloy wheels it is washed down and then proceeds to our preparation room where any damage is repaired. After this stage we would powder coat each wheel to ensure a smooth an even surface is achieved before applying a colour or a diamond cut.

Applying lacquer is a very important stage as it gives the alloy a protective layer to help stop water from accessing the metal and causing further corrosion damage. The difference in the look of your alloy wheel will be stunning, not only will they look good but without loss of air your car will be more efficient and perform better too.

For more information about our range of services, simply call our helpful team on 0845 370 8881 or email us pictures of your wheels here. We are confident that we can make your alloy wheels look better, guaranteed.

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