A Great New Look for Tired Looking Alloy Wheels

When alloy wheels start to look tired and a bit scuffed around the edges it is time to get them refurbished! You do not have to outlay lots of money buying new; a painted refurbishment is all you need.


These 19” alloy wheels came into the London based Diamond Alloys refurbishment centre to a makeover, and our guys did a great job. The alloy was cleaned in our aquablast machine and the scuffed edges were filled and sanded to create a round and smooth base for our paint technicians to work from. The customer chose a lighter shade of grey compared to the original, ensuring his shiny ‘new’ alloys were looking great when put back onto his car. Our guys will also ensure your tyres are re-fitted and balanced, all included in our great prices.


If you want a quote for alloy wheel repair then contact Diamond Alloys now and we will be happy to give you a great deal!


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