2013 is the year of glow in the dark roads

The Netherlands is a country that has taken an innovative approach to driving on motorways. A ‘Smart Highway’ system is being launched this year which will feature a road that glows in the dark. This is in order to warn motorists that the roads are icy or have frost during the cold periods of the year.


The ‘Smart Highway’ was the brainchild of two Dutch companies, Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans Infrastructure. The glow on the road can last up to 10 hours per night. Tests found that it can even take away the need for street lighting which proves the environmentally friendly aspect of the initiative.


The features of the road include that it is temperature sensitive. This means that there is paint that shows off ice crystals that indicate when the temperature is below freezing point. This helps drivers know if it is too slippery to drive on.
The researchers want to promote energy-saving with this initiative. One idea is that the road should only illuminate when other motorists are around so that the energy is not wasted on an empty road.


The initiative has already won accolades and an award. It won the Best Future Concept at the popular Dutch Designer Awards. It has already been introduced in the province of Brabant in the Netherlands. Could this be something that could work in the UK? Only time will tell if the UK will also illuminate at night for evening motorists.


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